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Construction Service Representative

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About the Role

1. Travels to meet with clients and to establish and/or expand business opportunities.
2. Assists the Construction Service Manager in participating in walk-throughs, preparing project proposals, and cost estimates. 3. Continuously interact with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about services and to handle and resolve complaints.
4. Assists in the management local staff of skilled and unskilled craftsmen
5. Coordinates staff assignments
6. Ensures timely and accurate completion of all customer transactions.
7. Promotes quality control procedures among staff members
8. Provides quality assurance checks for project compliance with policies and procedures
9. Promotes safe project work habits and adherence with project safety requirements
10. Coordinates acquisition, use, and maintenance of equipment, tools and materials to complete projects.
11. Attends jobsite progress meetings as needed.
12. Acts as liaison between Client Representatives, field construction craftsmen and project superintendents.
13. Tracks client interactions, transactions, comments and complaints.
14. Provide feedback on the efficiency of the customer service program.
15. Exemplifies the service attitude of The Trevino Group at all times.
16. Performs other duties upon request.

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