TTG Builds

At the Trevino Group, we distinguish our work through our industry knowledge and our smart business practices, honed over many years of client interaction and experience.  We serve a broad range of clients in various different fields.  We utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide reports and information whenever and wherever needed.  And our corporate infrastructure minimizes operational disruption, expedites material purchasing, and enables us to smoothly and successfully manage multiple projects.



Our work in the Medical sector is at the forefront of our business. We have been working with the worlds most innovative healing minds to help make their jobs easier and the lives of their patients better.


Being a veteran owned business we take great pride in working alongside the government in many forms. Between working with the Army Corps of Engineers to the Federal Aviation Administration we acknowledge that our work in the government arena is not only impactful, but necessary.


The minds of our youth are our greatest asset. Here at The Trevino Group, Inc. our goal when it comes to education construction is quality. Regardless if the project is faculty offices or a new library we strive to ensure that the end product is as valuable as the lessons learned from the institutions we work with.


Having cultivated our brand in Texas and the surrounding regions we have the unique privilege to work with some of the most cutting edge clients. Constantly pushing the boundaries of the type of projects we get to do and who we get to do them helps us stay sharp and at the top of our game.